Damier Azur Pegase

  1. My SA told me that LV are making the Pegases in Damier Azur... How cute is that?! It actually makes me want a Pegase... The Mono Canvas is too flashy and there are sooo many fakes of it.. Damier is too dull ... BUT azur... :yahoo: Who here has a Pegase? Please post pictures, how much can you fit, etc? What size do you recommend? My SA said that I should get the 60 if I decide to get one.. :smile:

    PS. She said these will come out around May-June... :wlae:
  2. Omg! Hot!!
  3. Yeah!!! Do you think waitlist is needed for it? i adore Azur, it's such a fresh look of Damier.
  4. I recommend the 60. It is the largest that works as a carryon. I can fit enough for a week, if do some 'co-ordinating'.
  5. That sounds great! However I would never check it when flying due to the colors. What a great road trip bag to Vegas though...hmmm
  6. Count me in to Vegas, gonna meet icechick there!!! haha:yahoo:
  7. a friend of mine has a 60. It's a greath size!
    So cute in azur!
  8. Yay.
  9. a pegasse in azur.. sounds so cute!!!
  10. So off topic but it would be fun....anyone else in?
  11. Sounds hot !
  12. THAT would look hot!
  13. I agree, it sounds fresh and hot! Very rich and resort like!
  14. Now THAT would be something I'd love to have! :love:
  15. oh wow. I'd love an azur pegase.