Damier Azur Owners

  1. This question is for those who own a damier azur or those who are fans of the bag also. I am thinking about purchasing the Damier Azur speedy 25 but I am worried that I won't have enough outfits that match the colors of the bag. For those who already own an azur, what do you usually wear with your bag??
  2. neraly with everything.. espcly with jeans.. lookks great.
  3. I'm getting the azur speedy 30 and i think it's going to suit with everything... it's not a bag that you cant play color around with.. i feel like its going to be versatile.
  4. I have the speedy 25 and I think it goes with pretty much everything! It looks great with black, fantastic with denim! I really cannot think of anything it would not go with!
  5. I wear mine with creams, purples, blacks, browns, jeans, orange - I feel like most everything goes!
  6. It goes very well with jeans and virtually any colour for your top!
  7. I would say it looks good with almost any color. Only thing I can think of that it might look odd with is dark brown or dark green.
  8. I have the azur speedy 25 and use it quite often, at least once or twice a week when I am casual and on the go. I use it with jeans, khakis, anything that has grey, white, almost all shades of blue, denim, cream, and off-white. I don't own any blue bags so I wear this often when I want to compliment outfits that have blue or gray in them.
  9. absolutely anything will go with this bag! Consider the bag a nice shade of white.
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  11. the only thing i cant imagine the azur damier looking good with is a wedding dress!!
  12. i agree... denim really brings out the blue in the azur pattern.. and i find that when you wear black the azur picks up the black.. it really does go with most colors. i wear mostly black and jeans and i love the way it makes the bag pop!
  13. As long as I'm wearing jeans, I wear it with all sorts of tops even if the color doesnt necessarily match! I love it so much and it's so convinient because it's so big, I have the 30, I even carried it when I was a bridesmaid and the dress was maroon, but I didnt care. It was a huge help because I threw everything in there.
  14. I have the 25 and i love it with EVERYTHING. Especially when I wear navy or black. The bag jumps out. LOVE IT!!
  15. I have azur 25 and will wear it with anything, but my favorite outfit with it is a big fluffy white skirt and a really soft cream t shirt in the middle of the summer... yum. I love azur! It's a great bag.