Damier azur out in october..??!!

  1. I just ...just got off the phone with the LV store in montreal and asked about the pricing and the date for the launch and the sa told me it will be out in october not november...is that weird or what..??i realy wanted to know the price for the mini-pochette in D.azur...:sad: she told me that they do not have the prices yet.

    Does anybody know the price of the mini pochette in quebec..(with the taxes and all)??


    :heart:Mini-pochette Damier Azur:heart:Speedy 30 Damier Azur:heart:
  2. I heard mid-October too, from SA on Monday.
  3. really? i think every SA say something different :roflmfao: my told me at nov.
  4. I don't get it with some SAs.

    Do they all hear it from unreliable sources or do they get dates confused in their heads. I would think that an SA should be able to spout out precise and correct facts regarding merchandise/launches.

    Sometimes I don't understand how little an SA can be aware of their own company sometimes. I would think Vuitton would want them to be pros.

    *usually i get amazing SAs but I have talked to a few loose screws
  5. :roflmfao: ^^^^^
    i agree!!
  6. The SAs here say that it is October...especially if you listed...
  7. I'm on the waiting list for one...but I don't know how reliable those lists are.

    I was on the waiting list for the groom agenda and nobody ever called me...

    I ended up going to a different Vuitton by my work the day of the launch and getting one anyway.

    I hope they call me about the Azure!!! :sad:
  8. I heard end of Sept for Groom & he was right on the money, so i trust my SA. I know other SAs were saying Oct 6 for Groom to bad our resident SA had to leave. Miss you sweety!
  9. I don't know when it comes out, but it better hurry up!!:hysteric: (I also have been hearing it's in October, also.;) )
  10. Ok, now I am confused! I talked to one SA today when I went to LV store, and she said that they had no idea what bag I was talking about! So I don't know! I guess when they do come out I just have to call and check!
  11. If it's in October, it's gonna be quite soon, now is already end of September. And you know what, one of the SAs in my local LV boutique doesn't even KNOW about the Damier Azur at all. I was asking the other two SA and both are not sure of the launching date so they asked that particular SA (who appeared to be higher ranking than the other two) and he was looking at me like I was nuts and said he never recalled knowing that damier will launch another color in a matter of fact kinda tone. :Push: :rolleyes:
  12. about 265 with tax
  13. Which SA had to leave????
  14. Thats always the case, every SA has a different date!
  15. Thanks hun for the price :smile:
    I just love the chain handle :smile: i wish they would do that with the pochette