damier azur or the mono speedy

  1. i don't know which one to get. mono is durable and it won't get dirty, but azur is pretty and will get dirty. mono is common and azur is new
    i already have a mini lin, and i don't like taking care of my bags. i'm torn. is azur high maintence??
  2. how about a damier?Pretty & it does not get dirty
  3. as pretty as the azur is, the monogram is a reallly classic bag
  4. ^^ cux of bleeding problem.. and mini lin is dark color also.. i dont liek have the same stuff
  5. I think since you don't want another dark bag, you should get the azur. The body of the azur is not gonna get any dirtier than the mono. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. Since both bags have the vachetta handles, just get the one you think is prettier----the azur:girlsigh:
  6. I say mono
  7. i'm only starting to like the azur but i like the mono waaaayyyy better.......

    classic, timeless.....
  8. I love the azur speedy. I took it out the other day, it catches everyones eye! :biggrin:

    So I vote the Azur!!!!
  9. Azurrr for surrrre! I am soo lovin' this line. And don't tell me it's gonna get dirty - I am still on my honeymoon w/ Saleya!
  10. i think just plain damier speedy will solve ur problem,

    it's new too (tho not as new as azur) and definitely won't get dirty!!

    azur is the prettiest but if u care that it'll get dirty then maybe u shouldn't get it cuz it's so frustrating to be oh so careful about ur bag :smile:
  11. Mono!!!
  12. hmm i say get the mono now and get the azur in the spring! or vice versa
  13. I agree!:yes:
  14. I would first say Damier, then probably azur, then mono.
  15. I prefer mono over the azur.