Damier Azur or Monogram Mini Lin?

  1. I would like to have my first speedy style bag but could not judge between LV damier azur and Monogram Mini Lin and lastly I pay for both. A little bit waste of money. If you were mine, which one you prefer? I will sell one to my friend and she let me choose which one I wanna keep. :sad:
  2. I don't quite follow your question, but if you're asking for opinions between the two - I like the Azur better!
  3. Damier Azur
  4. I like the damier azur.
  5. Azur!
  6. definantely the damier azur!!
  7. damier azur
  8. Awwww no love for mini lin. I love mini lin!
  9. keep the azur!!
  10. I have both and love both..sorry not much help..
  11. yeah... I agree about loving both... but Mini Lin takes my vote... maybe your friend will let you borrow whichever one you don't choose?? it's like the best of both worlds?
  12. damier azur :smile:
  13. Mini Lin!!!
  14. That's tough, but I guess I will say Azur!
  15. OK, well if you decide to sell the Mono mini Lin I am in, haha.

    But I would keep it, I think it's beautiful and I really want one.