damier azur or damier canvas?

  1. Hi ladies! I need some help deciding with the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. I don't know which one to get the Damier Azur or the Damier Canvas. If I only could have both! lol Any of your suggestions are welcome!:tup:
  2. I love azur! It's ultra chic imo.
  3. damier!
  4. I've got one in damier canvas 30.. I just love it~ It won't get dirty!!
  5. Go with the classic ebony Damier first.
  6. I prefer the Azur. I have it in the 25 and love it!!
  7. I prefer azur! Dont like Ebony ( it reminds me of my old school teacher bag, sorry... no offense).
  8. I have and love both. But if I have to choose I would go for the azur.
  9. azur for me :smile:
  10. Damier canvas gets my vote...
  11. Depends on what's in your collection. If you have many darker bags, go with the Azur. If this is your first LV, go with Damier.
  12. Since it's winter, I say Damier Ebene......Azur is great in the spring, but either way, both are wonderful !!!
  13. If it is your first LV, I'd choose the Damier canvas. However, if you already have LV, then the Azur is a wonderful addition!
  14. You need both! ;)

    I so love the Azur, but am even more in love with the Ebene.
  15. I see you're in a warm climate, I would get the azur :biggrin: since you can use it all year,