damier azur on vuitton.com

  1. i was just looking at the saleya on vuitton.com and noticed the little 'choose your color' thing flashing..and there is now the 'azur' option. clicked it and it WAS THERE. for the items that will be produced in azur we can now view them on the website!!
    didnt see this posted anywhere i thnk they must have really recently added it! yay!
  2. Whooooot???? I have to check that!
  3. It's true... taking screenshots as I type.
  4. I just looked and it shows the lining! On the speedies, it's a tan lining and the saleya is a tan alcantera. That's the only ones I looked at, but I'm so glad to finally know the color of the lining.
  5. LOL! I didn't notice there was already a thread about this! You must have seen 10 minutes before I did!!
  6. How odd... apparently it's possibe to get the new Azur items via e-shopping. At least the French website allows that.
  7. Jippi!
  8. i took some screen shots of the speedy: it looks liek the handles are vachetta :shrugs: , that will be a pita to keep clean and pale

    (you can only seem them on lv.com not elux)
    damier azur 1.jpg damier azur 2.jpg
  9. I love the speedy, anyone know how much it will run for?
  10. the same as mono and damier...
  11. thanks bagsnbags! :nuts:
  12. Very Pretty!!! Thank you for posting!!!
  13. Detailed screenshots of the new Koala wallett:
  14. Idem for the Zippy Organiser:
  15. Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois& Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois.: