Damier Azur on Eluxury

  1. I just called Eluxury and they said that they won't be receiving anymore small damier azur goods.


    I know I'm always the last person on the block to hear, try, experience all new things, and this line is not new at all, but how unfortunate!

    I guess it's ok though.... (thinking of Lemmeny Snickets made me smile) I can get something in damier instead.

  2. Oh..dear..hope you get one soon..may be from a LV store?
    Azur is so pretty!
  3. thanks... I just want a wallet- seen some on eBay...... My speedy azur 30 is coming in though!! YIPPEE!!!
  4. I wonder why that is? They pretty much carry everything that the boutiques carry:shrugs:
  5. I have an azur mini pochette in my cart:wlae: (finally)

    it just suddenly appeared under new arrivals and I snatched it right up :smile:
  6. oh my. it's like you gotta check constantly huh! I checked a while ago and the badminton set was on there, and then a little while later it was gonna! now's it's back on there!

    is elux playing with us!? hehe~~~~


  7. thanks for the info!
  8. :confused1: O no! I wonder why?
  9. have you ever called their and the rep sounded kinda tired and so so?

    that's what she sounded like...............and I cannot remember her name......

    but- now they have a wallet on their in azur........!!