Damier Azur on eLux!


Need More Purses!
Jul 30, 2006
Sure, after I order the Damier Azur Pochette Accessories from Rodeo Drive they now have it on eLuxury! They also have a Damier Azur Saleya GM which looks heavenly but I think I'll still hold out for the Speedy 25. Get 'em while you can ladies!! :smile: I cannot wait for my bag...the SA said it would go out Thursday night so I'm hoping to get it early this week...crossing my fingers!!
LOL We are such enablers!:roflmfao:

I read somewhere that another member was going to eBay her Coach purses in order to buy more LV. I have a couple Coach/Dooney/Kate Spade that are going up for sale as soon as I list them. Maybe then I won't feel so guilty buying both bags! I think my only hesitation is the amount of handbags that I own! Maybe if I scaled back the guilt would go away! :shrugs:
I'm torn do I get this or do I hold off?