Damier Azur on eLux!

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  1. Sure, after I order the Damier Azur Pochette Accessories from Rodeo Drive they now have it on eLuxury! They also have a Damier Azur Saleya GM which looks heavenly but I think I'll still hold out for the Speedy 25. Get 'em while you can ladies!! :smile: I cannot wait for my bag...the SA said it would go out Thursday night so I'm hoping to get it early this week...crossing my fingers!!
  2. Yes..you should get the speedy do..it's pretty!!!!Congrats on pochette..I love mine too..so fresh looking..
  3. I had one in my elux shopping cart but emptied it.

    I figure its not limited so i should probably wait
  4. definitely get the speedy!!! but the Saleya is nice too!

    congrats on the pochette! I love mine to pieces!
  5. I'm definitely going to get the Speedy 25! I'm just waiting for it to appear on eLux or in a boutique somewhere. :smile: I'm in love with this color!!:heart:
  6. Yes, I agree the speedy is sweet! Congrats on the pouchette!
  7. Why not get both the Saleya and Speedy? :graucho:
  8. That would be a dream but my DH would probably hang me out to dry!! He's a fairly generous guys but I'm pretty lucky to have what I have!:roflmfao:

  9. LOL We are such enablers!:roflmfao:
  10. I read somewhere that another member was going to eBay her Coach purses in order to buy more LV. I have a couple Coach/Dooney/Kate Spade that are going up for sale as soon as I list them. Maybe then I won't feel so guilty buying both bags! I think my only hesitation is the amount of handbags that I own! Maybe if I scaled back the guilt would go away! :shrugs:
  11. I'm torn do I get this or do I hold off?

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Awww, I just added some to my cart, hopefully I they're not sold out again by next week!
  14. They keep popping up, here and there.
  15. i love the pochette!!! its so cute! congrats!