Damier Azur Noe

  1. Do you have one? I want one. A lot. I figure I will have to wait because of the Azur inventory issues.

    If you own one, can you point me at pics of yours? And how much did it cost? And do you love it?

    I am hoping to get one before 2/1... if I get on a waitlist before then, will I get it at the current price?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. $900 and I'm still waiting...
  3. I am on the waitlist for Damier Azur Noe for a month already, haven't get any call from LV yet. But I am the third one on the waitlist for that, so, I think I will have it soon in this month.The price for Damier Azur Noe is $860 (excluded tax).
  4. It's $900 on Elux...I saw it once but it sold out quickly
  5. LV should also make a Petit Noe in Azur Damier!!!! (Not to mention a brown Damier version!!)
  6. ^^^i would get that!
  7. I'm with you peace!:drool: :love:
  8. i got the last damier azur noe in ala moano center in oahu before x'mas. i think i paid around $840 or $860 plus 4% tax. dont' know why it is cheaper to buy LV in hawaii. also, i bought a bubble ring along with the snowflakes pins.
    :p :p :p
  9. I got it that same week when it was released back in November, but haven't used it yet...I'm saving it for Spring...:yes:

    It's gorgeous and GINORMOUS!! I LOVE it to death, though!!:love:

    MYOWN 049.jpg MYOWN 043.jpg MYOWN 056.jpg
  10. LVixen.... I want your Azur Noe!!:hysteric:
  11. Alright! You can have it until April or so, then just drop it in the mail, because I'm gonna need it by then!:biggrin:
  12. Thanks LVixen!;) Drop it in the mail??:confused1:
  13. Gorgeous bag! I want one too:choochoo:
  14. Well, I got on the waiting list tonight, but trying on the mono version, I really think it's too big for me!! :sad:

    To console myself, I bought a Vernis Lexington in pomme d'amour! :biggrin: I LOVE it.


    Picture does not do it justice. Can't wait to take it out for valentine's day dinner...
  15. Congrats, Jane!