Damier Azur Noe

  1. as above...

    i've been thinking...do they make noe in damier azur..?

    i've seen it on the web though..but i can't purchase it cuz it's not on the list..

    is the damier azur noe out yet?

    if anyone could help me..with this..=)

    thx :yes:
  2. They do....its been out for quite a while....it is my favorite azur piece....
  3. I've never heard that they made the Damier Azur in the Noe or Petit' Noe.
  4. Was this bag produced, or was that a Spring 2007 preview for the press?
  5. It was produced. A member of the forum has one that was purchased at the boutique.
  6. It was released this year however!
  7. :smile: thx for the replies...

    so...:confused1: is it possible that Damier Azur noe already availabe at the boutique (worldwide) ..?

    cuz i live in asia..i haven't really seen it in any of LV boutique in my country..

  8. I've seen it in the boutiques on Oahu... quite pretty... just largish for me.... wish they had it in petit (or mini!) noe!
  9. Thanks for letting me know - now I should get one! :p
  10. It is a hot bag! I think it will be difficult to get for a while though!
  11. Yeah this one has been hard to find in the US as well. When it finally came in at Union Square SF I tried it on but found that it was way too large for me.

    I am very confused that they chose to not make this in the far more popular petit Noe size.
  12. Yep.. it was on Elux the other night... you have to look really late at night when they update!!
  13. Here's mine...


    and it looks like they have been discontinued... for now at least.
  14. I want one soooo bad, I was at Macy*s on Herald Square NYC the other day and I saw one on display. I just bought two "new to me" speedies so I didn't go in to look at it, had to walk away pretending not to see it. :crybaby: