Damier Azur Naviglio

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  1. ok my mom bought me the Damier Azur Naviglio for my birthday present. I was really excited until yesterday i showed it to my friends, and they were like isnt this bag for women?. so i went online to see if my friends were right... and they were, the color of this bag did fall under women section. I also saw the same Naviglio design (damier) for guys but it didnt look as good as this one. So is it strange for a guy to carry this white damier azur naviglio shoulder bag around?? I mean i asked my mom and she said the salesperson told her the shoulder bag was unisex. I mean i'm not gonna return it bcuz i really like it but i wanna know if other people will judge if you see a guy walking around with this bag. What do you guys think?
  2. the azur naviglio is represented in the men spring summer catalogue and the guy wearing it is very manly !

    Dont worry at all !

  3. My Son, 18, loves it...he really wanted one, but it was too small for his laptop, so I wouldn't worry about it too much :smile:
  4. the bag looks manly to me. it's not about the shape or the color of it, but how u 'pull' the bag off matters the most.

    i saw a few gentlemen carrying tht same bag in my area. in fact, my store had finished their naviglio they have to order more.

    maybe your frens were jealous with it.i bet theyll fall in love head-to-toe if they can own one.

    and even if u still don't like it, they hav 30 days return policy.

    good luck!
  5. I think it's a fantastic bag. I was wondering if a woman could wear it because i thought it looked very masuline.
  6. it is a unisex bag, it is under mens bags on the vuitton.com. It looks great on both men and women, definately not too feminine. My bf likes the azur canvas and would like something in it, but the majority of the designs seem to be more for women and the naviglio is too small for his needs. I recall a male tPFer recently got an azur keepall for an everyday bag and he rocks it!
  7. IMO its definitely unisex.

    Not to mention a great looking bag - Congrats!!
  8. Ehh, if you love it, don't worry what your friends think. It's a nice bag for anyone.
  9. Absolutely a man can wear it in fact I think it leans more to men than women
  10. I think it looks hot on men (and just as nice on women) it's defo a unisex beg, enjoy it!
  11. yup,
    it is in the men spring/summer 2007 catalog. so definitely for men too! :smile:
  12. Personally (as a guy) I don't think that azur is a very masculine color scheme but I don't find it excessively girly. If you like it, I say keep it! I think perhaps it seems more feminine because of the white strap- my Chanel messenger has a white strap which is the main reason I don't use it.
  13. Hey, if you like it and can rock it, then go for it! I think the Naviglio is a great messenger bag!
  14. Absolutely men can carry Azur!!! It's blue and white- those colors are fair game for men!
  15. I really like the azur naviglio for a guy.. I've seen so many guys with the brown version already. My guy friends and I agree it's perfectly unisex!