Damier Azur Naviglio

  1. I got a call from my SA yesterday to come see the newly arrived Damier Azur Naviglio from the SS07 mens collection.

    It is absolutely stunning, a really lovely summer bag. I want to get it, so I've reserved it, but I won't be able to buy it for another couple of weeks.. BTW, it retails for NOK 5100 in my store. Can't wait to get it! Anyone else seen this beauty IRL?
  2. A few PF'ers have seen it IRL... I personally don't like the shape of the Naviglio or how it looks in DA canvas.
  3. i've seen it in real life and i quite like it. the best feature is the striped strap. it looks more casual and sportier than the original Naviglio. if only i didn't have that one already... plus the fact that i can't fit A4 documents makes buying another one even more redundant.