Damier Azur Naviglio *pics* and INFO

  1. Hey guys well I went to my LV and was looking around and then all of a sudden BAM! out of the corner of my eye I see this baby peeking out from behind a Damier Naviglio and I almost cried. I was already to buy it until My mom called and told me if I bought she would flip out. So I had to give it up. Its at the Roosvelt feild mall LV in Macy's They have only one I belive and the SA said it released on Dec 1st? :confused1: But they just got it 2 days ago. Heres the pics I snuck them in really fast so dont tell! Ask for Andrea shes a doll. Sorry there bad quality I only had my RAZR! It was so unexpected.
    031fe111e45d.jpg c2317e63c4c8.jpg
  2. CUTE!!! thanx 4 the pic. I've been wanting to see one IRL. What state is the store you mentioned in?
  3. Thanks for sharing!!!! Not really a fan of it though... :s

    I bet you look great rocking that bag, Marc! ;)

    DA Naviglio released on Dec. 1st? That doesn't sound right... :s
  4. Cool! Thanks for pics!
  5. It looks good actually I like it!
  6. Thanks for sharing!
  7. OMG I NEED IT! I TOTALLY don't LOVE the straps but if it's the tradeoff for having an azur messenger bag, I can live with it! YEA BABY!
  8. They had one on display at SCP tonight. There's hardly any vachetta on there, cause where there normally is leather on the ebene version it's replaced by the canvas strap. It's definitely eye-catching though I must admit. They also had the Ivoire Epi pieces on display which looked really good in the speedy as well as the new color in the mini lin which looks kind of blah. Oh yeah, the new monogram pleaty's look funky cause the buckle is HUGE!!!
  9. wow, I like it! thanks :biggrin:
  10. AHHHH! Finally some pics of it! Thanks!
    It's sooo summery :smile: I can just see myself in white top and jeans with that.
  11. wow! i love it... :nuts:
  12. Haha plannin on one of these puppy's soon DD? :graucho:
  13. Beautiful!

  14. maybe... but i have a few things already lined up :sweatdrop:
  15. Does anyone know if the strap has the "louis vuitton" written? Cause I dont really like it to....