Damier Azur MM vs. regular Damier MM - is it my imagination or...

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  1. Are the handles on the Damier Saleya Azur MM a tad bit longer than on the regular Damier MM?

    I looked at the LV site on the page where you can choose the color and go back and forth between the two and is it just me or are the MM Azur's handles actually longer??? :confused1:
  2. Don't know. The handles should be the same size, though, since their bag dimensions are the same. Either way, they are both beautiful bags!
  3. Yep! I think they are both beautiful too which is why I was peeking at the site again contemplating if I wanted to deal with vachetta again...:shrugs:

    But then I noticed the handles!!!! I should have looked and compared them while at the store. But I wasn't thinking about Azur yesterday so I don't even know if they were in stock!
  4. I compared them and Azur one is longer than the Ebene.

  5. Cool. I'm not :nuts: nuts and imagining things. Well, at least not about the handles.

    Thanks for comparing them. The longer handles are what I was after on the Damier GM! But I'm happy with the MM!!!
  6. No you are not imagining things! I spoke to a rep at customer relations and was told that a change was being made to the straps on the MM so that you could carry on your shoulder.

  7. Thank you!!! So they are going to phase out the regular Damier MM's with the short handles as they are now?? If so, I wonder when they are going to make the change??? :shrugs:

  8. Well, I just called customer service and they said that the Damier MM bags are being made with the longer handles right now but she didn't know when they would be launched. I'm a little miffed that they didn't tell me this at the boutique when I told them that I preferred the GM's handle length and I spent a lot of time considering getting the GM (even though it was too big for me) because of that.

    That's probably why I got the last Saleya MM in stock. :confused1:

    EDIT: I called the store and they said that they would be receiving them in a few weeks. If I would have known about this, I would have totally waited for them! :cursing:
  9. You can return it for credit if you haven't used the bag yet.
  10. Lvmhgirl, do you know if they do that with the Saleya pm as well?
  11. PM will remain a hand held

  12. Yeah, I just hate returning things and this would be my THIRD time going to the boutique for the same transaction, so to speak. I really don't want to return something that I just exchanged!

    It's just a hassle, I guess. We live at the beach and the store is in the city and just the thought of dealing with the traffic and parking is giving me a headache. And my poor husband will think I'm REALLY nuts! (When we were at the store, he said, "Now make sure this one isn't cut off or misaligned or anything!" :rolleyes: )

    Well, now I know why the SA (not my regular SA, just the first one we saw) was rushing me (when I was considering the different sizes) saying, "Oh, you should get the MM. It's the only one we have left." I'm a little ticked at her as well. Not only at the fact that she didn't tell me about the new handles on the new shipment of bags, but her service was kind of crappy. And now I'm getting more aggravated the more I think about it.

    Here's what happened:

    Her first words to us after I told her I had to exchange something were, "How would you like to pay for that?" And I said, "Ummm, I haven't chosen a replacement for my exchange yet." (D'Oh!)

    And since it was an exchange, she didn't really seem to want to spend too much time with me (I guess they are on commission? I didn't think they were!) and after a whole two minutes with me, she said nothing except ask how we were going to pay for the balance (the Saleya was more than the Josephine) and then asked for my ID and swooped up my exchange and my Saleya and disappeared. Now, the SA's usually tell you to follow them to the cashier, then they introduce you to the cashier, then they tell you that it will be a minute or two so the guys in back can wrap it (get a box). Then you pay and interact with the cashier. Then the SA usually comes back and goes behind the counter and brings it out to you. But not this time. She just left. So I thought she was going to bring out some paperwork or something for the exchange or whatever. I thought she would at least come back to me. But she didn't, so I waited. And waited.

    I didn't see the SA anywhere. So I walked back towards the cashier. Then she just brushed past me with another bag for another customer. Alrighty then! So I went to the cashier. Next thing I knew, the cashier called out my name and started to ring up my sale, but then the other cashier stopped her and said it was already rung up. So then the cashier just asked for my signature and then I went off to the side and just waited and waited and I watched the people who had been in line behind me collect their packages and leave. So, my husband came back from looking around the store and asked why it was taking so long. At that time my SA from LAST Christmas walked by and recognized us and said hi and asked us how we were. He actually remembered us from LAST year! And I haven't bought anything from the boutique since then because I only do eluxury now because it's such a hassle to get to the store!! In any case, he asked if we were being taken care of properly and my husband said that I'd been waiting a while for my package so HE went in back to look for it. And then he came out because he couldn't find it and then went behind the counter and it had been sitting there next to the cashier the whole time and NO ONE had bothered to let us know. I guess the lazy SA who had "helped" me earlier was supposed to come back to give it to me but she never did!!

    So, I thanked my guy and he apologized for the wait and I told him that I promised to call him to make sure he was there before I ever bought anything from that store again. He was so incredibly sweet and helpful and I wish all SA's were like him.

    Anyway, now you know why I am hesitant to go back to that store to return this bag. :confused1: Plus, I haven't used the bag except to take photos of it for TPF, but I did let me dog pose in it for the photos, remember? So, I really couldn't return it anyway. It's back under the tree.

    It's OK, my arms are actually small enough to carry this bag as is on my shoulder. But the longer handles would've been nice, that's all. I mean, someone must have noticed that the longer straps would me more comfortable if they changed the design, right? :shrugs:
  13. ^ :yes:
  14. Thanks for the info on the pm, Pinkiwhatever! Sorry to hear your story, lvmhgirl. Bad customer service can really make a shoping experience turn sour...I hope that you can enjoy your bag!

  15. Thanks Londonholly :smile:

    No worries, I do still love my bag!! :love: And who knows, it may be a "collector's item" one day since it was the "original design"! LOL!