damier azur mini pochette vs. denim trousse raye?

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  1. What would you go for?
  2. Denim Trousse Raye :graucho:
  3. depends on what you want it for denim doesn't have a strap so couldn't wear it as a bag but if you just want a clutch or something for inside a bag I'd go for the denim always go for the LE over a reg line you can get later
  4. Denim Trousee Raye...you can ALWAYS get the azur later!
  5. aarti sweetie pretty plz post a pic of the denim trousse raye :heart:
  6. Denim Trousse Raye. I saw this in the eye candy thread and I love it. Do you know how much it is?
  7. vanilla, here's the Trousse Rayee, I believe:

    Anyway, I think it's cute. As long as you strictly need it for makeup or small items, not really as a clutch you can take out of a bag, then you should be fine.
  8. i like the denim trousee raye. You can probably use it as a clutch, but I doubt it would fit a lot of stuff..prolly cell, cles, and compact..that's it.
  9. I believe it's about $405 give or take a few dollars.
  10. I vote for the damier azur mini pochette. I think it's more easy to use with or without a bag! and I love the chain!!! but I agree that the denim trousse rayé is a limited edition so if you really want it go for it now and for the mini pochette later.
  11. I vote for the Denim Trousse, it's so pretty and you can always get the Azur later
  12. As much as I like azur, I would still say denim trousse - its super cute and you can get your azur anytime!
  13. denim raye
  14. Trousse Rayee! it´s limited and looks HOT!
  15. Denim Raye is HOT!! If you are still able to get one, go for it!;)