Damier Azur launch in Macau

  1. I stumbled upon this link in the Livejournal LV and found new pictures of the Damier Azur line and a few other random LV worthy pictures.

    Vuitton models at the press preview on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    It's also exciting to see that Elyse Sewell from America's Next Top Model 2nd finalist is modeling! I follow her blog often and she's fun to read; Elyse Sewell's Journal

    Very exciting! :yahoo:
  2. Oh... my... :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    The Speedy looks absolutely amazing!!! :love::love::love: Thanks for posting this Pinkcaviar!
  3. Wow thank you!! It looks like a silvery gray and white rather than "blue." So pretty, I am so all over getting a wallet and cles in this.
  4. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before...but the azur line has vachetta leather correct? Don't you think the bag would look a bit ugle once it starts the patina process? (Dark handles with the light color doesn't seem right to me.)
  5. Thanks for the additional picture. Im going to get the saleya :P
  6. So pretty, I can't wait! :love:
  7. When exactly was this line supposed to come out???
  8. November.
  9. Thanks Jane :flowers:
    So ~6 weeks left for saving :lol:
  10. Thanks for sharing!! I'm definatly going to have to see the line in person before I deceide how I feel about it. The color looks much lighter in this pics than in the other pics I have seen.
  11. It is TDF with that pale vachetta! I still think it'll look OK with dark patina.
    I am surprised that it loks more silvery than blue...definetly more of a spring/summer bag!
    Thanks for the pics!
  12. :nuts: Love it!!! :love:
  13. Really nice. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks for the pics. I really like this line. I am still afraid that I will get it dirty. Anyone agree?
  15. AWESOME link!!! Thank you!!! It looks great!!!:love: