Damier Azur Keepall Question?!

  1. Hi to all the lovely people on this amazing forum. Well i'm considering getting a Damier Azur Keepall for travelling.well anyways.. i want a carry on bag and i am having trouble deciding between the Keepall 50 and 55. I know that the dimension for 50 is 20X11X9 and 55 is 22X12X9.. well i'm just having trouble imagining these sizes in my head. Will they both be allowed on the plane as carry on or do you think the 55 too big? Thanks in advance!
  2. According to LV, only the 60 is too large for carry on. If you have a tape measure you can put it out to 55 and 50 cm to get and idea of the length. Or if you have a boutique near you, you can "play" with both to see which is the best fit.

    But i'd also look on the airlines you frequent to see their luggage restricions.
  3. i have taken the 50 and 55 on with no problem. if do you do get it please post pics.
  4. thank you so much now i'm excited to get the 55 yay! will post pics!:yahoo:
  5. Yes, the 50 and 55 can go in the plane as carryon. Just don't overstuff it!