Damier Azur Keepall 45

  1. Hi all, I would like to ask your opinion on the Damier Azur Keepall45. Is it too large for everyday use - I don't want to look weird carrying a too huge bag around everyday. And does it take a beating? I do take care of my bags quite well, and am wondering if this bag gets dirty very easily.

    And if you've got pictures, please do post! I can't find it online!!

    Thank you in advance! =)
  2. hmm...i like the keepall but yea i think its a bit big to carry around everyday. BUT if you thats what floats your boat i say go for it.
  3. There's no such thing- Azur only comes in 50 and 55 w/strap. So if you're looking at the 50, I'd say it's much too big for everday use- for that I'd recommend the azur Naviglio.
  4. I have the damier azur keepall 50. I use it for my gym bag. It holds up really well. I am constantly slamming it into lockers throwing my shoes into it, dirty clothes and such things and it stays fresh and clean. I have had no problem with scuffing. LV makes thier bags really well so you should never have a problem with it. Enjoy!
  5. i gotta think that a 45 size is going to be big , unless you're having alot of stuff to really carry.
    I have the 50 and use it for car travel.
  6. ValleyOppressed: There is a keepall 45. They don't have it on the net, only in stores. I checked the store in Harrods and Selfridges, and they DO have it!

    My logic is that since girls use a Speedy 40, a Keepall45 should only be slightly bigger than the Speedy40, right?
  7. If i was a guy, i would use it as an everyday bag :smile:
  8. Great bag!

    but dang that's a MEGA MEGA AZUR PIECE! I have a speedy 30 and it doesn't get dirty- the canvas is very durable and can take a beating (but I haven't subjected my speedy to this offense- I'm just assuming b/c it's canvas and not a different material like cloth)

    IDK? I have never seen keepall in Azur? How tall are you? Did you try it on in the store? If so--- I think if it felt "right" then go for it! IT'S AZUR!!! TDF!
  9. Wow, I can't believe there's a 45! I thought it was only 50 and up too...

    I carry a Keepall 45 to uni (will be Keepall-s when I pick up the black epi :p) and it is the ideal uni bag for me. I have to fit in text books, a laptop charger, makeup bag, wallet, a jumper...try fitting that into a smaller bag!

    Now that I know there's an Azur.... :graucho:

    Not sure if you're at uni, but if you do have a lot to carry, it's a great bag. :yes:
  10. I'm in college.. Hehe. They do come in 45! Hehe. I was delighted when I learnt that too!
  11. I think this bag is gorgeous. I would use for travel. Might be a tad big to lug around everyday. I guess if got the shoulder strap that would work much better.
  12. ^Frozen_Alaska: I'm about 6foot, 2 inches. I quite like it, but it isn't THAT big right?? I mean, it IS big for gym use, but not ridiculously huge right??
  13. If you buy with a shoulderstrap and have little in it, I find it very unpleasant looking at honestly. It becomes very unstructured and slouchy and sloppy, but if you plan to carry it mostly full or hand held I think it's a good choice.
  14. just bumping up the thread.. does anyone know if damier keepall still comes in size 45???