damier azur items

  1. do u happen to know by now how many items and which ones will be available in this line? and it will be a permanent line, ltd, ? what do u know?

    I´d love a cles!
  2. I will go to the store today to talk to my SA .I think I am in love with speedy...

    Anyone know about the price???
  3. I have a friend who has already been placed on the list at a Boutique for one of the Speedy 30s, and her SA told her the line wasn't going to be out until November. ;)
  4. I spoke to LV customer service (UK) today and they didn't know anything about, they said that sometimes the US gets different items from the UK, does any one know if this coming to the UK?

    If not I think I need to book a holiday :graucho:
  5. yes, i posted this article in another thread:

  6. Ok..SA told me it's not permanent line..may be will be out around December.
  7. ooh if they're out by December I'm gonna try to get one for Christmas ;)
  8. i just called riverside sq mall in nj, the sa put me on a list for the speedy 30 but she is going to call me back with information in the next hr...i will post a thread on what she says!