Damier Azur is now online

  1. justed checked vuitton website and damier azur speedy is online for purchase.

    who's getting one?
  2. for US?
  3. hmm i see where it says purchase now but it dosent let me :sad:
  4. i'm in the UK, i just clicked 'purchase' and it allows me to, ummm maybe its out of stock online in the US or they are too busy.

    so are you two ladies buyign one? i'm thinking of the cles and will buy the damier speedy 30 tomorrow. but if i can still find a perfo cles i maybe giving the azur a miss cos i'm scared the red dye will transfer to the light colored cles.
  5. I don't believe you can purchase directly from vuitton.com if your in the US.
  6. I conldn't find any Azur in vuitton.com.

    Light me up,pls.
  7. You can't purchase directly from vuitton.com if you live in the U.S., the site will direct you to elux.
  8. Yeah, unfortunately.
  9. go to the catalog, click on damier, click on the speedy, and at the bottom right corner you can change the color.:smile:
  10. Oh..thanks Purplekitty22...:smile:
    I saw it now...I think I will get it (before the price increase)..

  11. how come everybody else gets a chance to buy the bag b4 the increases and US dosent :sad:
  12. Canada neither :throwup:
  13. You can purchase the bag already?
    I was told you can only order it, but you have to wait until the 1st for them to ship it & the price will be the same as the LV stores charge as of that day.
  14. No, just order it.
  15. This line is just not calling out to me. Im not crazy about the Vachetta handles on the the Azur (Damier) Pattern there is no contrast- kinda blah imo