Damier Azur, is it temporary or permanent??

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  1. Hi guys,

    I apologise if this has been posted the threads b4 as I can't locate it.

    I just want to know does Damier Azure line is that permanent collection? or just for one year during 2006 until stock sold out??

    coz before I don't like azure now it's growing on me especially it's Speedy or Noe but not sure if it staying longer as that must have to line up on my wish list to do...

    thank you!!
  2. permanent
  3. have every AZUR style in Oslo..
  4. do you know their are 50+ people on the waitlist here for the Speedy 30 and only 1-2 bags are coming in a month....

  5. really???? :wtf: :wtf:
  6. supposedly permanent. just got my azur saleya pm and they only got 1 in!
  7. Permanebt, except the Pampellone, those were one shots :smile:
  8. permanent, but they can't make enough maybe they didn't expect the bags to be that popular
  9. permanent new damier color.
  10. thank u so much guys for answered!!

    so my own conclusion that too many people on waiting lists
    then... these stock very hard to get by isn't?

    oh well... I better grab the new one Damier 'Hampstead' that I saw other thread form...
  11. Yeah it was supposed to be limited at first but was decided that it would be permanent. The only reason why they're not coming out with more is because it's such a new line and there was a lot of demand for it at the start. The Damier Speedys had the same problem the first couple of months, but they already had the material. With these new ones, they're continuing the bags that are already made and using a LOT of this brand new material so there isn't much time to catch up yet due to the constant demand.
    That might not have made much sense lol..let me know if it doesn't and I'll try to explain further.
  12. Yep, permanent- when they first came out I had NO idea that they were going to be so hard to get! My store had everything in stock except the Keepalls.
  13. so everything back to normal same as Damier brown the line??

    darn LV!! keep us guessing all times, that's their clever marketing.. can't tell us whether these product once off or LE or seasonal or permanent collection..

    so.. basically that's depend on their factory isn't (the material availability) isn't??
    or depend on their director, Marc Jacob?
  14. Thankfully it's permanent... Because I have this tendency to take 1 to 2 years to warm up to new lines and when I want to get them, they're either discontinued or out of season.

    Speaking of Damier Azur, last weekend I was in town and there was a lady wearing a Damier Azur Speedy and she bumped real hard into my left elbow with a corner of her Speedy. Ouch! I wonder what she put in there.
  15. ^
    Oh..I'm so sorry to hear that.

    Anyway, last night I was browsing eLux and found the Saleya GM when I hit "buy now" it' s gone...
    Then, I called eLux this morning and asked about Saleya, she said just check back again in a couple of weeks...

    Why it is so hard to get??