Damier azur iena, neverfull, or graceful

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  1. Hello! I recently won a contest where I got to choose a bag. I got the graceful pm in monogram but everyday I wish I’d gotten an azur bag. I said I’d never buy one for myself but I can’t get the azur out of my mind. My birthday is coming up so I’m getting one! I don’t live near a store so i can’t try on or see in person. I’ll have to order online. Should I get the DA in the iena MM neverfull MM or graceful? I’ve also considered selling my bag getting the graceful in DA and a pochette Métis in monogram. What would you do?
  2. What do you like and not like about the graceful pm? How will you be using the bag? There is the potential of color transfer with the azur....
  3. Well it’s my first bag so that helps. I love the hobo style, magnetic closure, and bright pink interior. I’ve had it 2 months and it’s great for running errands with kids. I was worried about color transfer but I just can’t stop thinking about it!

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  4. Such a cute pic! You love it so I would keep it and get a different bag in azur...since you are not near a store, check out the clubhouse or YouTube for ideas maybe? I would get either the iena or Neverfull...
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  5. Also my daughters name is grace and I liked that for me to pass down to her. Iena or neverfull though?
  6. I would
    Sell and start over :smile:
  7. Do you have a DA bag?
  8. Keep graceful u have! I love the Neverfull in azur. I Own two Neverfull and still couldn’t get azur out of my mind. I wish I hadn’t bought the mono one and just bit the bullet and bought the azur so I then got the Iena pm and quickly returned it because I saw that in that size it didn’t hold its shape well when filled. I should have gotten the mm. Then I went to Greece and still had wanted a azur bag and gotten the propriano. I secretly wish it was the neverful but it’s close enough haha. So I say get the neverful
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  9. I know someone who has the Propriano and it's so beautiful IRL[​IMG]
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  10. That's so funny you must have been typing while I was getting the photo of this beautiful bag!!
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  11. Oh the propriano is pretty! Do you have a pic?
  12. I just posted one above!
  13. Yes so pretty I’d love to see it IRL.
  14. Oops sorry I just figured out that's what you meant lol! Sorry it's getting late here- I wonder if anyone has one posted anywhere on the site-I've seen it IRL and it is definitely gorgeous. I love the lining-it's a soft pink and I like the magnetic closure too. The braided handles make it so different too-I hope someone posts so you can see it!!
  15. Found these posted on TPF
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