damier azur: don't settle!

  1. hey everyone.

    I used to dislike the azur pattern until recently when I purchased the mini pochette and then started wanting a bag too. I already have the damier (ébene) speedy 30, so ruled the speedy out. So i started making myself like the saleya, even though I was never a fan originally.

    I emailed Louis Vuitton off their French site last night to enquire about new models and was told new styles will be released in the azur very shortly. So... be patient if you're not madly in love with the current offerings!
  2. Thanks. This is good news.
  3. Wow, really?

    Cool .... wonder what they are going to look like. :confused1:
  4. awesome, I wonder whats coming out?
  5. Sounds yummy... I can't wait to see pics of the new bags coming out! :nuts:
  6. More bags from the Azur line? Really? :hrmm:
  7. Ohh! I hope they come out with existing styles in Azur instead of having all new styles!
  8. yeah, more bags! Hooray, etc.

    I remember emailing them last year to ask about release date for the Damier Speedy. The same lady who emailed me today told me, back then, that it was a matter of months (turned out to be 3), so hopefully, her ''très prochainement'' means its imminent..
    I'd be thrilled if they released the marais in Azur..
  9. I think the Sporty will be one.
    Thanks for the info :smile:
  10. ooohhhh...something for all of us to look forward to! Thanks!:yes:
  11. i second this! or the hampstead :love: :love: :love: :love:
  12. me wants MORE azur!!! settled on the mini lin instead and am in love with her too!
  13. What does the sporty look like? Do you have a pic of a bag in that style?
  14. Glad to hear it! I would like to see more Azur, I haven't picked up a piece yet. It would be fun to have some more pieces out for the Summmer.
  15. That's good to hear :biggrin: can't wait!