damier azur cles owners - does it get dirty quick?

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  1. those of you who have and use the lovely azur cles... how is it holding up? does it get dirty quick? will it be difficult to keep it clean? thanks!
  2. I have used mine a few times not constantly because I rotate my things. So far it seems to be holding up well. :flowers:
  3. not at all...i used it consistently for about 2 weeks or so, and it still looks very good!
  4. I use mine everyday and it looks fine.
  5. good to know. thanks for the input!
  6. I've used mine every day for 4-5 weeks now...most of the time it has been inside a Damier Speedy!!! bleeding red lining!! But it's still as new!!!
    Don't be affraid of Azur!! :smile:
  7. ^^ oh that's good to know. i know we had a discussion on this before, but is the canvas coated or not?
  8. yeah...it's just like the mono and damier.