Damier Azur Cles or Vernis Pink/red Change Holder/Cles?

  1. For my Azur Speedy 30?

    Either the Azur Matching Cles or the Vernis Change Holder in Amarante or Pomme D 'Amour?

    Azur Cles


    Pomme D 'Amour

    Or another color or change purse you'd suggest?
  2. I love them all, but I would get (first) a Vernis color, since they don't last forever. All of the three colors would go nice with the Azur Speedy. Do you like the Framboise Cles?
  3. I haven't seen a picture... It's not on the Elux site right?
  4. Oh I just looked at your collectiona nd see the color...

    Is it like a hot pink? That is really cute...

    If it's not on the elux website can I still get it?
  5. No. Here is mine, so that you can see the color:smile:. I love it:heart:
  6. Is it hard to find? Can I get it from eluxury?
  7. Right, it's a really nice pink(my opinion). You should call LV and check if there is still one available at your store. It's a discontinued color, but they should be able to find one for you.
  8. Alright I ordered the Framboise off eLuxury just now...
  9. Congrats, great choice!
  10. Thanks! At first it wasn't on the site then i checked back...and it was...

    I found out that when you add things to your cart it takes them out of inventory (duh I know) and that's why when i was trying to order the Azur Speedy it wasn't showing up because it was already in my cart. LOL

    So is this color supposivly discontinued? Is it really saught after?
  11. Lol.
    Yeah it's discontinued now, not really sought after yet because there are still pieces floating around in the stores.
  12. Does the Framboise still have the shinyness to it like the others above? Or is it more matte?
  13. I think it has a good amount of shininess and lots of shimmer. It's gorgeous.
  14. Thanks! Sorry for all the questions. I'm just really really REALLY excited!