Damier Azur Care

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  1. Hi Ladies: I recently purchased the Damier Azur Felicie. It's beautiful; but, I'm concerned about staining it.

    What do you use to protect the canvas? Thanks so much.
  2. I use nothing on my azur neverfull. Been carrying it since April and looks brand new. If I get anything on it I just use a alcohol free baby wipe.
  3. I saw someone post that when they travel, that put their bag in a drawstring protector bag to keep it stain free, Other's wipe with baby wipe. I have wiped the mono with baby wipes but I haven't with the NF azur gm yet. I do like the idea of a drawstring bag when sitting on plane floor. I even thought that it wold be a good idea when going through customs if they would allow, putting the drawstring bag while my azur is on the conveyor belt thing. Otherwise enjoy and don't worry, the bag is made to be used and if you use it daily of often, all bags will get some stains or marks. It took me along time to buy the NF azur gm bag because I was worried about keeping it fresh looking, but I finally did it and so far I am not sorry and I use most everyday as a work bag. I figure if I ruin the bag in some way gives another excuse to buy another one. :biggrin:
  4. I don't protect it at all. The durable little bugger doesn't need protection, feels like it just protects itself LOL
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    I do not wear dark denim when I carry my DA bag. To clean the canvas, I just wipe it gently with a slightly dampened white cloth. I do nothing to the vachetta leather.

    When I travel, I place my bag in an Envirosax bag (any reusable nylon/plastic bag will do) to prevent damage at the TSA security checkpoint and the dirty airplane floor.
  6. Thanks, ladies!