Damier Azur canvas turning yellow

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2009
    Hey guys, I got my azur speedy a few days ago, and was loving it until i compared it to my azur sarah wallet. The grains on the white parts are VERY dark so my speedy looks really yellow, dirty, and not fresh like azurs suppose to be. Its really bothering me. I want to go to exchange it tomo. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it common for canvas colour to be so different? and have you had any problems exchanging things not because they are faulty but 'off colour'? I'm just a bit worried that when some SAs are snobby and rude, I can get upset lol

    Thanks peeps!
  2. If your not happy exchange it take your wallet with you to show them the difference,
    "the customer is always right!"... so they say over here!

    Out of curiosity...Which LV did you get it from?
  3. Yeh I'm planning to take the wallet =) I got it from London Selfridges. But don't want to exchange it there sinse its always ridiculously busy, especially on a Saturday. Silly Q but I can exchange it in any store I want right? Don't really wanna go back there because the whole batch there may be the same =/
  4. Hmm...I bought a few items at the London Selfridges boutique once. But when I found a defect on my new pochette, i thought i could just exchange it when I went in to the Sloane Street boutique, but they didn't want to except it. So I had to go back to Selfridges, where they were happy to do the exchange.
    Hope you find one you are happy with. Good luck! (And Congrats!)
  5. Exchange it for sure!!!! Good Luck
  6. Exchange it if you are not happy with it.
  7. Ita!!!
  8. Yea, exchange it....if it's obviously a different color then they have to exchange it...it's their image they have to protect...(not that it's bad)
  9. thanks guys! xx
  10. Could it be that maybe it was on display for a while, hence the discoloration? I'd definitely exchange it. good luck!
  11. I have a french wallet in damier azur. I have used it for about a year now. I'm very careful with my wallet. I noticed recently that the color of the canvas has turned yellowish. Has anyone had this problem before? What should I do? Should I try babywipes? Thanks!
  12. You should post photos. I would try baby whipes. Don't rub really hard because it might make the print come off. I would just rub a little with the whipes, it couldn't hurt trying!!
  13. Do authentic Louis Vuittons in the Azur pattern turn yellow?
  14. My neverfull has not turned yellow and I have had that bag for many years.

    If you are worried about, perhaps post a photo so we can see? :smile:
  15. Haven't had this problem (at least not yet). Looking forward to what others have to say on this . . .