Damier azur Berkeley ...

  1. What would you think of a guy wearing a Berkeley in Damier azur? just let me know:smile: (,and give some advice please)
  2. I think it's too girly for a guy. Sorry.
  3. I personally think it doesn't look right.
  4. No!!!
  5. A tad too feminine...especially in Azur.
  6. no!:tdown:
  7. I dont know how the Berkeley looks but damier azur its too feminine...maybe in the damier canvas?
  8. Well, I'd need to see it on a guy first. Azur may look a bit fem but with the right outfit, it may look pretty HOT on a HOT guy!
  9. I'm gonna have to say no :sad:
    if you like azur pattern, how about naviglio?
  10. yeah MAYBE in the damier ebene, but not azur!
  11. Any pics of the Berkeley?
  12. no
  13. uhh...I think if you LVoe it, go for it!!!! :yes:
  14. I'll have to say no also.