damier azur belt


Mar 31, 2008
so today i bought this belt and wore it but now my jeans transfered color on the belt how can this be removed the buckle also had some small scratces that i didnt notice when i got it so what can i do thanks in advance
Jun 13, 2007
I also have that belt. I really love it.:heart: I wish they made this style in Ebene as well. Since I got it, I couldn't stop wearing it.:yes:

Before getting this belt, I had a conversation with my SA about this issue. The light color of the belt concerned me because most of the time, I wear jeans. She told me that the inside of the belt will get color transfered for sure but she wasn't sure about the outside.

So I decided to treat it with the Apple Guard even though I wasn't sure if this product would work well with canvas. I did spary it for couples layers couple times within 2 days. My belt could stand the AP prduct just fine. I'm so pleased with the result and the product. :nuts:

Hope this'd help.


Mar 2, 2006
i assume its on the inside? who cares, no one will see it. The buckle will get scratched no matter what, its just brass...