Damier Azur at Disney?


Mar 27, 2008

Here is my story of the day, and I would like to obtain your input (as you are wise and always fun to read!)

I am planning on getting a Speedy 30 azur pretty soon. I already have a Manhattan pm. I think the azur is perfect for the summer , so nice and airy.

Now, DH and DD (who is turning 6) and I are going to Florida this summer; 1 week at Disney, and 1 week in Daytona, as we are renting a beach house there.

With my recent interest in LV...I am already thinking and planning what I need to pack, etc for this trip....and at first I thought I would buy the Damier Azur and bring that (as it would be good in the plane to carry plane necessities like magazines, stuff for DD, etc)...but now I am also thinking that it might get ruined while we do the Disney week,...?

My angel side tells me to bring another simple tote, in my lugagge, and use that while in Disney........but my demon side wants me to look good, even while in Disney..:Push:



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Jul 15, 2007
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I think you should bring it and have fun if you want to look good! Azur is such a pretty and cheerful colour for summer! But on the other hand, if you are looking at practicality, because you mentioned you have a 6 years old daughter. I was thinking it may not be so convienant lugging around a hand carry bag. It would be better if its a shoulder bag. If only the Azur Neverfull is here....


Jul 21, 2007
I think you should bring it and use it when going to places around town and on the plane but as for disney itself I think you should pack something easier. I love Speedy but it's not really a "lug around an amusement park" bag. Think about the water rides and stuff, it might get ruined. I much prefer to use something crossbody or a backpack. HTH! ;)
Oct 3, 2006
I was at Disney last month with my dd and dh (and also there this past summer). Totes are kind of a necessity, IMHO, at WDW, itself. If you want to bring your speedy to dinners out and shopping, sure, but I don't know if you're really going to want a hand-held bag in the parks. I say bring it, but also bring something else that's a tote.

Also -- do think about what are you going to do when dd wants to go on Splash Mountain. Seriously, you're going to need a simple throw-around bag for the parks!


Aug 13, 2007
you couldn't pay me to bring my louis vuitton bag into disney world, or at least one with vachetta. even if you don't go on water rides there are numerous rides where you get hit with some water. when i go to orlando i bring my louis vuitton with me for dinner/night time but i leave it locked up in the safe at the theme parks. i usually bring a coach wristlet that can take a beating & be okay, i'm even too afraid to take my mini pochette. but since you have a small child & will probably need to carry more i would bring a cheap tote that can get dirty or wet.


Dec 11, 2006
I'm going to Disneyland in a few days and I bought my damier azur speedy last week and will for sure be bringing it as a carry-on there and will be using on the trip (to Disneyland as well) but I'm going with my boyfriend so there's no worry about getting it dirty with a child around. We only live once girl! I say bring it :smile:


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Aug 27, 2007
Bring it! Your arm may get a bit tired, but the canvas is very easily cared for. I would urge you to use a good waterproofing spray on the vachetta before going and to bring leather cleaner/ conditioner with you (I like the Apple Garde products). Mine didn't darken the new vachetta but keeps stains away.


Feb 4, 2006
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Azur Neverfull? Is this really happening? If so, that will be the bag I wait for!

As for WDW, you do not want to take a bag to the parks AT ALL. If you stay at one of the Disney resorts, they will ship anything you purchase in the parks back to your resort so you don't have to carry it around. Also, if you carry a bag, you have to go through a security check which takes longer than just waiting in line to get through the gate. You can link a credit card to your resort "key" card so that is really the ONLY item you need to carry. I would take the Speedy for evenings and when you go to Downtown Disney, etc., but save yourself the hassle of lugging anything around the park. (The resorts have little grocery stores, though, so if you want a tote for your groceries and as a carry-on for all your stuff when you go back home, it's not a bad idea to pack one.) If you are flying, make sure you take extra luggage for all the stuff you will buy. We always come home with bags stuffed to the gills! And have a GREAT time!


Feb 24, 2007
WDW is not so forgiving on the bags, with the weather being so hot & humid. (I grew up in Florida all my life.) Who's to say it won't be your own perspiration that could be your worst enemy? And with all the lines you'll be waiting in, anyone or anything could mar up that beautiful vachetta. If you do decide to bring it, then I would pretreat it to minimalize the risk of getting it stained. However, if you don't pretreat it, I would strongly recommend keeping the bag away from the parks and saving it for the nighttime activities.


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Oct 18, 2006
I always carry my pochettes to amusement parks, they are really simple plus I can tuck the strap under my hooded sweatshirt for extra security on rides, and it zips