Damier Azur - Are you putting yours away?

  1. Do you consider Damier Azur to be seasonal?
    If so, when are you (or would you), put yours away?

  2. Nope. I got my Azur pochette in January, used it all the way through to April when I went on vacation and didn't bring it with me, I still use it once in awhile nowadays when I don't need to bring a lot, and I plan on using it during the fall as well.
  3. I will probably put mine away after Labor Day. It's not so much that I consider it to be a seasonal bag, it's just that our Fall and Winter's here are usually rainy and snowy and I don't want to ruin the bag.
  4. I agree, I'll probably put mine away in September. Same reason. We have some bad weather here in the fall and winter. I want my azur to stay nice.
  5. No I will wear mine with my winter whites for sure.
  6. She will only be on the shelf for Fall....after that she will be heavily used in Winter, Spring and of course Summer!
  7. I'm still debating since I've only had her now for two weeks. But I do agree with BagAngel I think this bag will look great with winter whites. I guess I'll just play it by ear.
  8. Will probably put it away once autumn arrives. I bought mine mainly as a spring/summer bag, but in the UK we haven't had any summer yet:tdown:.
  9. I will switch to my ebene Saleya in the fall, but mostly so that she doesn't get neglected.
  10. I've had my LV Azur Saleya GM for about 7 months now and use it all the time...even in winter...haven't used my Azur Speedy 30 yet and I've had it for months... I do use my Azur Mini pochette everyday.... amd as I don't like changing Cles I use my Epi Myrtille Cles daily and haven't used my Azur Cles yet...

    I love Azur and think it's a year around pattern for me...and we have all FOUR seasons here...heavy winter, hot summer.
  11. I don't own any azur yet but I think it would brighten a winter outfit nicely - unless you are having pouring rain or snow.
    Here, I could use azur all year round as mostly it is one season - summer, summer and more summer.:yucky:
  12. I love mine and will use it whenever it suites me no matter the time of year...Its a great looking bag.
  13. I think depending on where you live, you could use it year-round. Personally, I would prefer to use some of my other darker bags in the fall/winter months. They need to take turns!!!
  14. Nope, I got mine last November for my birthday and have been using it ever since (alternating with other bags of course).
  15. I think it'll look great even during the winter so no for me.