Damier Azur and Ebene


Apr 11, 2008
I am seriously thinking about getting a Speedy in the Azur ... but I was wondering, is the material still the coated material that the ebene speedy is? I like the way I can wear my Beaubourg in the rain and what not because it is an all weather bag, I was wondering if the Azur was the same?


Fashion Obsessed
Sep 3, 2008
Yup and Nup.
Yup for the white and blue bit.
Nup for the handles.

The handles are still untreated leather, so water marks and sweat marks and everything will leave a mark. But if you are careful, no handcream, not too much sweat and heat. The handles will darken beautifully.

The Ebene is totally waterproof. The handles and everything are ok to get wet.

Go with what you love. And just don't walk in the rain without treating it. I got caught in the rain twice, and the leather is still beautiful now. So just treat it and then you are fine :smile: but be careful!

I can't wait to get my Azur!