Damier Azur: Am I color blind?

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  1. I don't own one, but for years i've always thought this collection was grey and cream.

    I'm just finding out from reading the boards that it's blue! Does it look blue to everyone else, or am I loosing my mind?
  2. I kept wondering myself! This past month as I was looking for a new purse I browsed online and kept thinking why are they calling the line azur....I even asked my husband if it looked blue and he thought just like you and how I did. I think one day browsing here I came across a very close up pic of it and guess what the grey blocks are done with blue! Then when I went to the boutique this last time i checked...LOL...I thought i was color blind also...
  3. I thought that it was grey for a while too.
  4. Grey-ish blue? :tup:
  5. its blue:smile:

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  6. It is blue!
  7. like others said if you look at it VERY closely you will see it is blue
  8. Hence the name AZUR......
  9. guess why they named it "azur" :graucho:
  10. Def blue, but as it blends with the creamy colour I can see what you mean!
  11. It's quite blue in person, actually.
  12. I thought it was grey until I saw one in the store lol
  13. I see blue!
  14. it is a blue..
    but becuz it is in contrast with the creme.. it looks greyish..
  15. Thanks everyone, glad to know that I'm not the only one who did not notice it was blue!

    Bag Fetish: Thanks for the photo, def looks blue in that picture!