damier azur alma

  1. I spotted someone with a damier azur alma. I didn't know alma came in azur? Am I sadly mistaken?
  2. I have never seen one. Didn't think they made one...
  3. hmm...you sadly spotted a fake one.
  4. yeah, I didn't think they made it either. Thanks for confirming my suspicion :smile:
  5. A Damier Azur Alma would be gorgeous if they really did make one. I don't even think it can be special ordered. I read somewhere on this forum that LV won't do Azur special orders yet. :sad:
  6. :confused1: :confused1::confused1: So confused for a second.. i tot u were talking abt Damier canvas... I even went elux to take a peek.. Hopefully the lady was not cheated into believeing its an authentic 1..
  7. Sorry for intruding..
    Congrats on ur extreme weight loss.. u look Fantastic... :tup::tup::tup:
  8. ^ Isn't she incredible?! :yes:
  9. Awww shucks, guys...you're making me blush... :sweatdrop::shame:

    You can get the Alma in regular (or Ebene as it is known) Damier, but not Damier Azur.