Damier Azur Accessories Pouch on ELux Right Now!

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  1. omg its so much cheaper than i expected!!!!!!!!
  2. it's been there for the past couple days... surprised it's still in stock, as they're usually out soon after they're placed on the site
  3. thanks! Finally it's available!

    i just ordered one, i've been waiting for it! :yahoo:

    free shipping ends tomorrow.
  4. ^ oh... did you know about ****** cyber thursday promotion? it's double the cash back like last time. the email i got said that 800+ stores are included, so i think elux should be one of them.
  5. ^Oooh! It'd be the perfect time to get it then! :yes: too bad I have to be on a ban :crybaby:
  6. ^ uhm, no i didn't know about cyber thursday. it starts tomorrow, right? dang! i think i only have 4% ****** then.

    i just ordered it. i'm afraid the next time i visit the site it will be gone so i just ordered it right away.

    but i might get the epi cles tomorrow so i can get the 8% ****** :P