Damier azur accessories or Chloe Paddy clutch?

  1. I´m trying to decide which one to buy. I know how much to azur pochette can fit as I already own a MC pochette and they´re same size, but I´m not sure how much the paddington clutch can hold. :confused1: Also, azur has vachetta so it needs to be babied, but I´ve never had the change to see paddy clutch in real life so I don´t know how durable it is. I like both, so please help me decide and tell me the good and bad sides to each bag. :smile:
  2. I would say if you look on the Chloe section as well you will see a lot of pf'ers have sent their Chloe Clutch back as they are pretty small. Not seen an azur so can't comment on the size differences.
  3. I think the Paddy clutch is adorable but it is small.
  4. I think in case of wear the chloe would be a better choice
    but then in case of size it would be the azur pochette

    so which aspect is more important?