Damier Azur 30 or Monogram Mini Lin 30?

  1. Hey lovely ladies,

    I am contemplating my next LV purchase. I love both the Damier Azur and Mini Lin (White) Speedy bags. I'm trying to decide which to get. I can admit that I have concerns about the Damier Azur because of the aging of the handles and how that look could disrupt the overall beauty of the bag. I know that the Mini Lin is pretty worry-free, which is very appealing.

    What are everyone's thoughts???
  2. Go for the mini lin! I have it in ebene and get tons of compliments with it among all my LV bags. Its totally worry free! Not a fan of patina on Azur.
  3. I vote for......

  4. azur here
  5. Mini Lin, in a heartbeat.
  6. I got both and tend to like Mini Lin more than Azur as I really hate the dark patina and now the handle color becomes more darker.
  7. Azur!!
  8. Damier Azur - so much personality. Can you protect the handles so they don't patina so quickly?
  9. Mini Lin is my next bag. I have the Azur 30, but I've never carried it. Now summer is over, & I guess it will wait another year. Get the mini lin first!
  10. minilin, anytime.
  11. That's a hard one, but I think I would have to say azur. I saw some member's pics on here with the azur and the handles patinaed(sp?) I though it looked beautiful!
  12. I like the mini lin!
  13. Another vote for Mini Lin here! :biggrin:
  14. Mini Lin! :biggrin:
  15. Mini lin gets my vote!