Damier Azur 25 or 30


Which size should I buy in the Damier Azur Speedy?

  1. speedy 25

  2. speedy 30

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  1. I am going to purchase yet another speedy...this time in the Damier Azur:yahoo:
    Please help me decide on the size...keep in mind that I own a Monogram Speedy 30 and a Damier Speedy 30. I also had a speedy 25 in monogram but traded the bag for a mono petite noe. Your help would be greatly appreciated....Thanks in advance everyone!!!:yes: :heart:
  2. Seems you're lovin the 30's so i'd go with that.
  3. I like 25. I have mini lin and it's size 30. It's nice but a bit big for me.
  4. I would stick w/ the 30 if thats the size that you feel comfortable with. It may be a nice change to have a 25 though - something a little smaller and cuter and maybe for suitable for a night out. I think its best to go to the store and try out a speedt 25 and see how the size works with you. Oh the decisions us louis fans are faced with..good luck!!
  5. Thanks everyone for your replys! Laura613.....to be honest when I go to the store I am EVEN MORE CONFUSED!!! I honestly don't know which size to get...I'm soooo silly!!!:push:
  6. even though you have a few 30's, i guess thats the size you prefer, so i'd stick with the 30

    i find the 25 is cute but hard to get in and out of as the opening is small
  7. in my personal opinion, i think those colors look better in the smaller bag.
  8. Stick with the 30, especially in the azur!
  9. thanks everyone for your responses. I think i'm leaning towards the 25 since it's kinda a new color...awwww soooo hard! Thanks agian!!! or the 30 hahaaha
  10. Although I love my Mono Speedy 30, I want the Azur in the 25. I like a smaller, lighter bag for the Spring and Summer.
  11. azur in 25. :smile: i think its prettier in smaller size..
  12. i'm partial to the speedy in the 30 size.
  13. The 30- I hear more regrets about not having gone up rather than wishing they'd gone down.