Damier Authencity?

  1. I'm not asking for a authentic check (else I would've posted in the correct thread). I was wondering what one would look for to check to see if a Damier print on a purse makes it authentic or fake.

    Damier seems like sucha simple design (squares with couple squares that read LV) but is there a pattern to it? Where they are placed on a bag? The alignment? etc.etc. ^^;

    I'm awfully curious about this if anyone can be of such help!

    Thank you in advance! ^^
  2. A few things to check for:

    -The O's in "Louis Vuitton" on the canvas. On most fakes, the O's look more like 0's (zeros).

    -On obvious Damier fakes, the canvas is really bright and somewhat crystal-clear. The canvas on authentic Damier is usally has a faded look to it? Does that make sense? :hrmm:

    -Alignment: The "Louis Vuitton Paris" squares are usually in middle and are never cut off. The canvas on a Damier Speedy, for example, is the same as the Mono canvas Speedy... it's made from one continuous piece, so the "Louis Vuitton Paris" squares are right side-up on one side and upside-down on the other.
  3. Also, in fakes, the LOUIS VUITTON squares have regular font. They almost ALWAYS get this wrong. It's supposed to have a broken font.

    Authentic (with broken font):

    FAKE (with regular font):

  4. As with the Monogram, the Damier is lined up in a specific way with regard to hardware, trim, and handles on a bag. So, the print is not randomly positioned but must line up according to how it was designed. A fake might not get that part right. For example, the handle's leather tab has to align in a certain way on the pattern: perhaps centered inside two squares, but a fake wouldn't perhaps get this part right and would instead align it randomly on the pattern. This is important to know, how the pattern is laid out with respect to other parts of the bag.
  5. Ah!

    How informative!@ I love pictures!! Thank you guys so much!

    I had some weird idea in my head that LV doesn't like to cut off their LV so I assumed they don't like to cut off their squares either! XD!
    But I noticed many damiers have half squares all over the place!
  6. Great pics ladies! Good comparison!
  7. anyone have pictures of the damier FONT.... broken font vs regular non-broken font?
  8. Bump... and can this posting/ thread be moved to LV FAQ??? It has to do with Damier and the patterns and the authenticity.