Damier Aubagne

  1. Has anybody seen this bag IRL? I just noticed it on the LV site & it seems to be a great altrnative to carrying my Pochette as a shoulder bag. I'm wondering how long the strap is & how low the bag hangs. can't believe I've never noticed this one before:lol:
  2. I love that bag too!
    it's nicer than the Navona, and looks also bigger!
  3. I poor over the LV site everyday & somehow missed this bag. I was thinking the same tjong xLAUx it is a better day bag than a Navona or PA. I wonder the retail on this one.
  4. i believe it's on elux for around $1,000! i think it's nice but wayyy to expensive for such a small bag.
  5. It has so many pockets & a lot of man-hours, so the price isn't out of line. I love it, can't wait to see it at LV next week.
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