Damier and Rain

  1. Is the Damier really safe to carry out in the rain/snow? The water won't do anything to the dark handles?

    I just want to make sure before I turn my speedy into my rainy/snowy day bag!
  2. i think it's partly because of the rain and snow that we buy Damier bags :lol:
  3. LOL Sandra....I need to move to a desert so I can wear all my bags year round....I hate waking up and having to check the weather report, and still pack a shopping bag in case the forecaster was wrong (which here in the Midwest is about 80% of the time).
  4. I had no problems with my Saleya in the rain. :flowers: I just made sure I dried it off, especially the zipper part, when I got inside. :flowers:
  5. Thanks Bella!
  6. I always carry my damier speedy on rainy days and I havent had any complications. Just dry it off when u get inside.
  7. Thanks jennifer!
  8. My damier papillon has become my official rain bag... no issues so far... I love it!
  9. Many thanks for the scoop, everyone...from the land of rain here (well, summer is really nice but the rest of the year oh boy.)
  10. My Damier Papillon and all my Epi bags are rain bags, they don't get water spots, just make sure keep the hardware dry or dry it as soon you can.
  11. Twiggers-- LOL I live in the desert (AZ) and it is monsoon season here right now!! TONS of rain :smile:
  12. Now I really have to get something from the damier line to test this! :P
  13. I've carried my Damier Speedy in the rain a couple of times, and it's been perfectly fine so far. I've been using it every day and I keep expecting it to start to look worn, but it looks as bright and pretty as the day I bought it!
  14. I've had my Damier Alma for over four years, and have not babied it as far as weather, travel or anything. besides a few tiny white scrapes at the bottom, it looks fabulous, hardly any wear showing at all. These bags were built for the ages.
  15. I live in the desert too and the monsoons got me yesterday with my LODGE!!!! Thank god, I took the Pfer tip and carried a plastic bag with me, I used it, believe me.... Nice to know about epi...