Damier and Mono leather

  1. I'm not sure where I should have posted this, but it's a pretty general question anyway.

    Ok, I just received my damier speedy 30 today and was comparing its leather to my mono speedy 30, and noticed my damiers leather is a bit tougher. I ordered them both from elux, so should I feel secure that their authentic and this is just the way the leather is suppose to be?

    Also, I noticed the LV logo on the tab, opposite the one with the whole, is much more defined on my mono speedy than my damier speedy, is this just an effect of the leather be tougher?

  2. I've noticed that too. I think the Damier leather is treated and colored leather so it ends up a little "tougher" feeling.
  3. is that the cause of the smell as well? Because fresh out of the box it had a very different smell than my mono.
  4. What smell? I've never bought a bag that had a smell.
  5. My azur had a smell to it. I knew it was authentic because I bought it at the boutique....it was like a strong vinyl smell. It eventually left.
  6. its like a chemically sell, not funky or anything like that
  7. mono smells nice when brandnew
  8. i love the smell of a brand new bag fresh out of the box and dustbag
  9. my damier is tougher than my mono
  10. I am confused-- do you mean the leather handles, or the coated canvas? Damier canvas is stiffer than monogram due to the greater amount of stitching (overlapping squares).
  11. Here are some picture's so I can explain myself better.

    I put the same amount of pressure on the zipper pulls and the damier didn't bend as much as the mono, as well as, if its clear enough to see, the logo on the damier's tab isn't as defined as the mono's.
    damier.jpg logo tab damier.jpg logo tab mono.jpg mono.jpg
  12. I'm just a stickler for things being exactly the same and since theirs a couple of things off I'm freaking out. Sorry if I seem too neurotic.
  13. Ooh yeah, like new car smell! And for you 30 and 40+ people out there-remember the smell of "dittos" fresh off the ditto machine in school??? And Play Doh-lets not forget that-alright I'll stop now.
  14. what exactly do you mean stitching/overlapping squares?
  15. The canvas bags have stitching-- the monogram has a minimal amount of gold stitching for the logos, so it is less stiff of a fabric. The Damier is woven basketweave-style to make the checkered canvas, so it's actually like a double knit canvas, much thicker. Both are coated of course. Hope that makes sense.