Damier Alma

  1. Hellooo..

    I love the Damier Alma but I'm not sure how small/large this bag really is. I looked at the size online and see that it should be between the speedy 30 and 35 (Size (LxHxD): 12.8" x 9.4" x 6").
    However when I see the pictures here on TPF I get the feeling that it is much smaller than the speedy 30 (and I love my speedy 35!). I know it's difficult to compare but this is just when I see them side by side. Is she really that small?

    This is another reason why I needdddd a LV Store here on the island grrr...
  2. My mom owns the Damier Alma. It doesnt look like a small bag, but due to its shape, it doesn't hold as much as it appears since the top sort of tapers off. If you fill it up, you wont be able to zip it. So, you pretty much have to store things at the bottom of the bag if that makes any sense.

    And actually, I just noticed that in my signature photo, I have my alma next to my mini lin croisette speedy 30. If you want to see a bigger photo, you can click on "My Purse Collection" below and go to page 11 for the larger photo. That may help with comparisons. It looks like it is about the same length and height as the speedy 30.
  3. if you like the 35 i think you will find it small. i had an alma mm in gris and it was perfect size. and im 5'5 170 :smile: try the alma club and see photos that may help.
  4. Alma is definitely smaller than speedy 30.
    Alma MM seems to be the best size if your looking for something between 30 and 35 size.