damier alma vs damier azur speedy

  1. Hi.. need your opinions..which one would you get if you have to choose between

    1. Damier Alma
    2. Damier Azur Speedy

    Thanks a lot..
  2. i don't realy like the azur line (it looks faded to me) so i would pick the damier alma.
  3. Alma in Damier
  4. Azur Speedy. I'm not a fan of the Alma
  5. azur speedy just because I love speedy..
  6. Azur Speedy
  7. speedy
  8. 1. Damier Alma
  9. damier alma
  10. i'd say the Damier Alma just because i don't like the Azur line
  11. damier alma - lower maintenance

    i love the way the azur looks but i really wonder what it's going to look like with a patina. i want to wait a bit and see after people have them awhile.
  12. im just afraid others might not recognize the azur line so much...and they might not know it's a bag from lv.. it would be such a turn off if they ask "where did u get ur bag from?"
  13. I like the Damier colors better than the Damier Azur colors, so I'd pick the Damier Alma.
  14. Damier Azur Speedy

  15. :yes:

    Also, the damier alma is a timeless, classic bag that will stand the test of time. I cant fuss enuff about how beautiful this bag is, I just :heart: it very much. It is also very functional and requires lil maintenance.

    The azur line doesnt appeal to me, I just dont like it. It has a strange, faded color which looks very pale and fragile, like it's prone to rub off, etfc.

    I like damier more in the normal dark brown color.
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