Damier Alma PM w/ Strap VS Speedy 30/35 Bandouliere

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  1. Trying to pick my handheld/crossbody Damier winter bag... what do you guys think??

    Pros & Cons PLEASE!

    Speedy 30/35 Bandouliere
    Damier Alma w/ Strap
  2. I love the alma, but seriously if u want strap I think speedy b wins hands down
  3. well you can add a strap to the alma, it's just a matter of different styles, which would you suggest?
  4. I tried on the Bloomsbury and it was super cute!
  5. handheld & crossbody, definitely de speedy b... i have 35 so i'm going to vote 35.

    other options are
    trevi pm
    evora mm

  6. Speedy or Evora

    I don't like the look of alma's with a strap - they are supposed to be handheld.
  7. ita ^^
  8. I would vote for the Speedy 30 Bandouliere! The Alma looks better handheld... :smile:
  9. I think I remember reading somewhere that, although the Alma PM can be worn with a strap, it can ruin the shape. If that's true then go for the Speedy! Don't forget to do a reveal!
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    Hello ~ Exactly like how other people suggest, alma suppose to be a handheld bag. I think the shoulder strap option is just for very rare occasion purposes. Is like a "Just in case" . If u are looking for crossbody, it got to be the speedy.

    Moreover, alma will be out of shape if u use it as crossbody permanently. :smile:
  11. Thank you so much!!!!! This was great help my decision has been made :smile:
  12. I'm looking for a bag which can outdress others in a dinner. Do you think it has what it takes to do so? Or do you have any recommendation?
  13. I am also looking into a new bag, and have my heart set on the Speedy B. Not sure if I will get the 30 or 35. I love the classic speedy style with the added functionality of the strap. I really like how it can be carried in your hand, crook of the arm, shoulder, and cross body.
  14. What about the bloomsbury? Or the Trevi PM?
  15. Bloomsbury is only cross body and I don't like the shape of the trevi