Damier Alma or Speedy 30?? Help me decide

  1. I like Damier over Mono, because the red lining in damier makes me happy :p

    But, I can't decide between speedy and alma for an every day bag. Alma is much more expensive than speedy, but is it worth it? If I'm going to spend around $1000, should I get the mono ellipse??? Help!
  2. For every day I'd get the Speedy....:yes:

    I have the Damier Alma, but it's too serious for everyday wear. I love both though...
  3. I like Damier over Monogram too. For damier, my vote goes to speedy.
  4. I say go for the damier speedy!
  5. Speedy
  6. I say speedy too. I'm not a huge fan of the Alma for some reason. Speedy is just easier to use from personal experience.

    Be sure to post photos when you make your decision and purchase! We love drooling over new stuff! :smile:
  7. Speedy
  8. i love my alma for work!!
  9. I'd get the Speedy.
  10. I am a bigger fan of the Alma... but for an everyday bag, I would get the Speedy. :smile:
  11. Ooh just go for Damier Alma, it's more unique. After a few days I carried Damier Speedy30 ( before I sold it ), I feel bored and totally love Damier Alma :smile:
  12. I vote speedy.. it's the LV classic! I think of Audrey Hepburn everytime I see a speedy!
    I have a Grafitti Alma and although it's a tad smaller than the mono or Damier Alma, it's just not as user friendly as the speedy!
  13. I'd get the Damier Speedy
  14. Speeeeedy!
  15. For everyday use, speedy is a better choice.