Damier Alma or Saleya PM

  1. I've finally decided I wanted the reg. Damier over the Azur (for now, that is - I will get an Azur Speedy closer to summer) So, I went and purchased the Saleya PM, but I'm having second thoughts and thinking about returning it for the Alma (I didn't even take it out of the box, so I can return it) Which one should I get? My background - I dress conservatively Monday through Friday, and casual (like jeans and nice top kind of casual) on weekends and evenings. I'm 45 years old, if that also makes a difference, lol. Also, I'm petite - 5' 1, and no young children to tote items for (they're teenagers now, yikes!) I am SO indecisive here!!!! Help!:shrugs:
  2. I love Almas... way better than the Saleya IMO :yes:
  3. I personally think that the Saleya pm is a great bag! The alma is a bit more conservative-I think the Saleya would be perfect during the week and on the weekend, it is modern but sophisticated! Enjoy!!!
  4. My heart belongs to the Alma!
  5. Tough choice, I think I would go with Alma though.
  6. Between these two, I'd definitely go for the Alma.
  7. I have a Damier Alma that I love and am wearing out...and my next LV will be a Saleya PM...I have a similar lifestyle to yours...hope that helps.
  8. Get the Damier Alma now, then get Saleya PM or Speedy in Azur later. ;)
  9. Saleya PM
  10. Opinions are pretty split! This is so hard! I wish I knew how to make a poll on here. Is that something that we can do or does a board moderator do that?
  11. I love my Saleya PM, and I am the same height as you. I think it is a little more versatile than the Alma. I just adore it!
  12. go for the Damier Alma first. i'm not a fan of the Alma, but my mom has it in Damier, she's about your height, and she pulls it off really well. the Alma looks best in the Damier; very classy and elegant
  13. I'd go for the Alma!
  14. Alma :biggrin:
  15. I think the damier looks better with the saleya PM. Plus, it will keep your hands more free.