Damier Alma or Black Epi Speedy 30?

  1. Hi to all my fellow bag addicts!

    Would like to ask for your help. Do I get a Damier Alma or a black Epi Speedy 30? I plan get a Speedy 30, hopefully in all the LV lines but I really want an Alma in Damier! Which do I get first?

    Please let me know what you think! Will surely appreciate it. Thanks!



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  2. I have a Damier Alma so that gets my vote!
  3. I have an black epi speedy (in 25 though) and I love her...so the black epi speedy 30 gets my vote! :yes:
  4. This is a tough one to pick. Both bags are GORGEOUS! I think I would go with Damier Alma first and if possible also get the Epi Speedy 30.
  5. Get the speedy!
  6. Exactly why I'm having a hard time!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks for your reply!:smile:
  7. Do you have a speedy already? Then I would say Alma first and get the speedy later on.
    If you don't have a speedy yet: buy the speedy first! I know I love mine.
  8. Yup I have Mono Speedy 30. Will go with the bag that comes to mind first when I wake up!;)
  9. tuff choice, I would get the speedy.
  10. That's tough... but I think I prefer the Speedy.
  11. well i tried both, and for me the alma was just suited for an older person (im 19) so i say epi! xx
  12. get the speedy! so sleek!

  13. I think that says it all. Get what you really want, the Damier Alma.
  14. I prefer the alma, after seeing a very wrinkled epi speedy, I'm officially turned off from that line in that style. I also saw a wrinkled epi alma on eBay though and I still want the bag, it just looked better overall in epi.
    The damier alma is a knockout, I've tried it on the store, woah, gorgeous!
  15. I personally like the black epi speedy, but since you said you already have a mono speedy, I say get the damier alma.