damier alma mm or trevi pm??


Jan 6, 2010
i need your help..pls help me choose between an alma mm in damier ebene or trevi pm....i want a zippy or sarah in pomme but can't afford it right now....i'm afraid that it may be discontinued soon so i'm thinking of giving up my trevi pm and saleya mm to buy an alma mm in damier ebene including the shoulder strap (which i think serves the purpose of both my trevi pm and saleya mm) and a pomme wallet....having only one bag is not an issue for me....in fact, it may be more helpful as i don't have to choose between 2 bags.....so my question is: should i keep my trevi pm or buy an alma mm in damier ebene plus the shoulder strap.....i'm just so fickle-minded and on a budget....all your opinions count..help!!..thanks :smile:


Oct 26, 2008
I know I will be the only one so here goes, I would get the damier alma. I like it better than the trevi ***runs and hides***

It looks like the damier alma will only be introduced in the NM (new model) size not the MM...the NM size is 12.8 x 9.5 x 6, which is basically the same as the Trevi PM...did you want a larger bag or the same size as the Trevi??